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Home Appliance Industry:

According to the current production situation of the home appliance industry, we have launched new series for thin and short wires, single-end tin soldering, single-end crimping, twisting at both ends, tin soldering at both ends, crimping machine at both ends and crimping machine at two ends, which fully solve the wiring harness problems in appliance.

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New Energy Series:

With the development of the new energy industry, Hechang launched series according to the processing characteristics of the new energy wires:,we developed large cutting and stripping machine (≤120 mm2), large tonnage (≤40 Ton) crimping machine in the field of new energy vehicle; automatic continuous terminal (bulk terminal) crimping machine for the photo-voltaic wire (≤5 mm2) .

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Meter Box, Control Cabinet Series:

Automatic crimping machine for pallial line and tube , it can do secondary wire cutting, stripping, marking, pallial line and tube crimping.

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Aerospace Fiber Coaxial Cable Series:

Application in the aerospace industry,providing solution for fiber coaxial lines, etc .: aerospace

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Automobile,Motorcycle,Electric Car Series:

Based on the workshop level production management system of automobile wiring harness equipment,providing optimized management for the whole process from  order to product.Through AGV intelligent material distribution and PC network control center, building a smart factory to complete production data management , material confirmation,production dispatch, production statistics, process management, quality traceability etc.

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Power Cable

Wire and cable stripping, cutting, crimping and other harness problems: power cable