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HC-04/06 copper belt machine

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Actinium specification:2mm 4mm 6mm

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● This machine exclusively aim at to need the wire material that the Liu matches transform design,the velocity is quick,quality good.

● press a Zhao method tie line material,replace a traditional soldering method,there is no air-cooling soldering and get empty the defect of soldering and air pollution.For testing(UL and JIS)the most simple effective mode through various safe specification.

● adopt special continuous actinium tape terminal(patent’s in the official records please don’t imitate to emit)material through cutting,model,press Zhao and completion,quick and don’t discard

● actinium tape the terminal Be handled by special veins,the Liu bear tension after matching especially strong,quality stable

● the equiptment keep/curved the mold mount be provided for different product connectivity to use.Humanizing a design and operating is simple,don’t need training can start up an operation at any time.


Model HC-04/06
Power AC220V/50HZ


Press to put forth effort


Actinium specification



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