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HC-10 Terminal crimping heat shrink tube insertion heating machine

Short Description:


1.Cut and strip.

2.Double ends terminal crimping.

3.Single end heat shrink tube insertion and heating.

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications


Double End Terminal Machine for Heat Shrink Tubing

(double end for crimping terminals and one end for heating)

Applicable Wires


Applicable Terminals

Side feeding terminals,back feeding joint terminals

Applicable Ranges

Cutting、half-strip、strip、one end or double end for crimping terminal、on end for heat and shrink tube

Diameter and length of the tube

D 3.0mm~6.0mm         L 12mm~26mm

Processing Length




Cutting Tolerance

Less than 0.2% of the whole cutting length

Stripping Length

A end 0~30mm   B end 0~10mm




Around 350Kg

Working Voltage

AC 220V~ 50Hz

Working Air Pressure




Debugging Instructions

Mechanical manual debugging and touch operation debugging  are main debugging ways. Most of the debugging actions  can be adjusted through the intuitive parameters of the touch screen.This chapter mainly introduces how to start the machine and provides some simple mechanical debugging methods.

1.Start-up Preparation



1).Adjust terminal machine punch can adjust the crimping force of the terminal(pressing tension). Loosing the screw locking and turning the punch can adjust the height of the punch. When wires and terminals with different wire diameters are replaced, adjust this puch to meet correspoinding crimp requirements.


2).The position of holding clip on the heat shrink tube can be finely adjusted by the turntable behind the pull tube mechanism. Because the clip needs to be replaced for terminals with different shapes. This adjustment function is for the changed positions. (Loosen the screw locking and turn the turntable.)Co-use with the "Pull Tube Length" in "Parameter Settings", the heat shrinkable tube can cover in different positions.

Maintenance of the machine

To ensure the normal operation and lifespan of the machine, proper operation method and diligent maintenance are required.

Ensure that the machine is clean, no debris is piled on the table, and clean the oil and debris on the table before each shift.

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