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HC-10+LY fully automatic insulated terminal crimping machine

Short Description:

1.Designed for insulated terminal crimping.

2.Cut, strip, and crimp integrated.

3.On reel insulated terminal.

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This machine realizes the functions of continuous automatic processing of wire stripping, cutting, twisting the wire, and tinning the end.

This model is suitable for terminals of various specifications with guide openings.

The wire stripping, cutting length, speed, and speed of crimping the terminal can be adjusted on the touch screen.


Power supply AC220V/50HZ
Function Wire cutting, single-end stripping, double-end stripping, single-end crimping, single-end twisting, single-end tinned
Capacity 1600pcs /h (with wire length 200mm)
Applicable wire ranges 0.25-2 mm square (within 1 square mm ,Double wires can be processed at the same time; double wires need to be customized
Cutting length Leaving shortest middle skin 35mm
Stripping length Front stripping:3-15MM; Back stripping:3mm-12mm
Pressure ability 2000KG
Wire twisting length The longest wire twisting length for the front end is 15MM, while 12MM for the rear end
Air pressure 5-6.5kg (use clean and dry air)
Detection device detection for Wire knotting, wire missing, air pressure and terminal induction
Volume L700xW1260xH1600mm
Weight 275kg
Pressure monitoring (optional) Using high-sensitivity pressure sensor to detect the pressure when the terminal is crimped and capture the pressure change when the defect occurs,thus detecting the defective products




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