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HC-10+NT Automatic one end crimping another end tinning machine

Short Description:

Usage:cutting wire , stripping , copper twisting

Wire range:AWG32-20

Productivity:4000 PCS/h (within 100mm)

Product Detail

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This machine can cut strip wire,twisting stripped copper,tinning wire and another end crimping terminals on one time.

Pressure rollers, depth of cutting cutters can be done by trimming revolving knobs to adjust,simple and quickly,or stepper speed in two ways.

Full stripping length directly from the touchscreen menu panel set up.


The machine can cut strip wire,twisting stripped copper,another end crimping terminals on one time.


1.Use imported originals

2.Rapid technical adjustments,adjusting the time is short,simple operation

3.Cut the wire,stripping,soldering and other relevant actions will automatically mix adjustment

4.The machine clamp position and soldering tip adjustable to about 10mm.in order to control the soldering wire-side easily bend, more accurate location point dip.The machine dip angle close to 90 degrees dip, so that the average diameter dip tin

5.The twisting wire adopts the clamping claw rotation mode, uses the motor to drive the rotation, and can adjust the rotation speed to change the tightness of the twisting line, so that the twisting wire is straight and beautiful.

6.Dip under and lifting as well as immersion tin time settings is the most convenient,scrap tin design wipe clean feature automatically,making soldering chips without scrap tin


Model HC-10+NT
Power AC220V/50HZ
Function Wire cutting,single side stripping,

double side stripping,single side crimping,single side twisting,single side soldering


4500PCS/h(length within 300mm)


wire range


Cutting length 40-80mm,by replacing some optional parts the shortest cutting length can be changed to 25mm
Cut-off precision

Tolerance:1mm+cutting length*0.2%

Stripping length

Front end:0.1-9mm,

Back end:1-12mm.

Press capacity 2000kg
Twisting length 4-10mm
Air pressure 5-6.5kg(must use clean dry air)
Detecting devices

Wire exists or not,cirmping no good






♦ Save solder consumption

♦ Improve welding quality

♦ Reduce equipment maintenance

♦ Reduce Labor costs

♦ Reduce the cost of welding


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