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HC-10+T fully automatic one end crimping machine

Short Description:

Usage:cutting wire , stripping , copper twisting

Wire range:AWG32-18 Awg26-Awg14 AWG20-Awg10

Productivity:4000 PCS/h (within 100mm)

Product Detail

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● Full automatic wire cutting and crimping machine,using the unique drive system,speed control technology and transmission mechanism of high rigid,is an excellent model has the high level processing ability and high machining accuracy.

● Operation developed operating system computer control of humanized operation interface,easy to understand,easy to use.

● The machine will yield crimp waveform detected when pressure as a reference waveform memory, And every time when the pressure of pressure waveforms and benchmark waveform comparison,Through the device's own tolerance to determine a good product and defective products.


Model HC-10+T/HC-10/HC-10+TY/HC-10+FT
Power AC220V/50HZ

Skinning,double port skinning,unipole port press,unipole port twist wire


4000PCS/h(length within200mm)


wire range

Slim lines(AWG#30-AWG#22),

standard lines(AWG#26-AWG#18),

thick lines(AWG#20-AWG#10)

Cutting length


Cut-off precision

Tolerance:1mm+cutting length*0.2%

Stripping length


Press capacity 1500kg/3000kg
Twisting length 4-12mm
Air pressure 5-6.5kg(must use clean dry air)
Detecting devices

Wire exists or not,cirmping no good





Pressure monitoring

(can be retrofitted)

High-sensitivity pressure sensor detects pressure when crimping,check out the inferior-quality products because of pressure changed


Our special service

*optional accessories:

A:one end crimping one end stripping and twisting

B;one end stripping and twisting and one end crimping with pressure monitoring

*pressure monitoring and take-up equipment are optional

*press waterproof plug can be customized

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