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HC-2BT+D multi-core wire stripping crimping machine

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Power supply:AC 220V/60Hz

Horse power:1/4HP

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The mute HC-2BT+D terminal machine adoption high technology becomes repeatedly technique ,the electron precision clampings,while pressing connecting dynamo operate the noise is smaller than traditional terminal crimping machine,and the provice give or get an electric shock and adjust a mold more convenience fast,avoid traditional terminal clutch,and electromagnet common faults.

Advanced motor-driven, super-mute, efficient, fewer parts and easy maintenance. With pneumatic source , clamp , peeling, knife back, sucking at one step ,

and visual wire thickness hardness adjusting feed time ,the product has reached a stable precise stripping



● Fully programmable

● he equipment has the function of upgrading and can be equipped with functions such as:code spraying,wire receiving and medium stripping;

● Expandable double layer circular sheath line,within 8mm in diameter,only need to replace the tool holder;

● Belt and wheel wire feed can be switched according to specific requirements.


● This machine is specially for multicore cable do stripping and crimping,easy to learn and operate.

● capability:12 wires at one time,productivity 5000pcs/h

● for single wire stripping and crimping,diameter range is 0.8-4mm.

● Note:Upgradable film


Model HC-2BT+D
Dimension 600*400*650mm
Weight 70KG
Power 220V 50/60HZ
Electricity consumption 50W
Stripping capability Minimum stripping length 20mm of 2 cores wire,35mm of 3 cores wire,40mm of 5 or more cores wire


Hechang Machinery in Changzhou China is a expert in wire solutions and process improvement solutions.Customers of the Hechang Machinery primarily supply the automotive, entertainment and information industries as well as the communication sector,Hechang machinery products are used whenever precise wire processing plays a role.

Hechang Machinery is always close toits customers-with 1Sales and service companies in Tianjing, as will as with 3 distributors in Germany,Russia,Pakistan,wordwide.Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries,also have being trusted long term supplier of global well known enterprises like Amphenol,Huber+Suhner,Siemens,Schneider,ect.

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