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HC-2T Super mute terminal crimping machine

Short Description:

Usage:terminal machine

Processing Capabilities:multi conductor cable crimping, single wire crimping

Applicator: Single terminal applicator, joint terminal applicator, back feeding/side feeding applicator

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This machine HC-2T adoption super - mute design, use an inverter control, accuracy higher , establish automatic examination the foot step to act a status. together with to pack an OTP long type molding tool, and the mold( crimp applicator can be changed easily) This machine adopts electron induction to become to repeatedly leave to match This machine province electricity, need working hours to have no dissipation power, the working hours noise is small; The this machine fundamental none breaks down force, but machine the overgead oil bridge have to assure automobile oil. This machine use various frequencies to control,high accuracy, It can crimp computer terminal,DC terminal,unipole shot terminal ,joint terminal and so on .



Model HC-2T
Dimension 240*240*640mm
Weight 65KG
Power AC220V 50HZ
Nominal pressure 2000kg
Wattage 550W
Stroke of the slide block 30mm
Max closing height


Closing height adjustment


Pressing times



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