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HC-608E3 wire stripping machine 1-35mm2 (AWG17-AWG2)

Short Description:

Usage:cable cutting and stripping(1-35mm2

Display:Intuitive,flexible and simple User-friendly Chinese/English operation,colourful touch screen

Packaging :wooden box &plywood box

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This machine is mainly for the automobile industry,the sensor industry,the electric power industry,the electric control cabinet,the battery box’s line.


● Fully programmable

● he equipment has the function of upgrading and can be equipped with functions such as:code spraying,wire receiving and medium stripping;

● Expandable double layer circular sheath line,within 8mm in diameter,only need to replace the tool holder;

● Belt and wheel wire feed can be switched according to specific requirements.


Model HC-608E3
Dimension 650*600*475mm
Weight 90KG

Chinese/English display,

Touch screen

Power 220V/850W
Cutting length


leaving middle skin more than 55mm

Frond end stripping length

Sheath cable wire MAX 300mm;

Electric cable wire MAX 20mm

Frond end stripping length

(Double sheathed wire)

Outer wire 25-300mm;

Inner wire1-15mm

Rear end stripping length

Sheath cable wire MAX 140mm;

Electric cable wire MAX 50mm

Rear end stripping length

(Double sheathed wire)

Outer wire 25-300mm;

Inner wire1-15mm

Stripping range

Max sheath wire diameter is up to 13mm,BVR35mm2

Wire material Multicore sheathing wire,PVC,flat modular phone cable,telflon,fiberglass
Conduit diameter 1-14mm
Tolerance Within0.002*Lmm
Driving way

Eight-wheel drive,

independent drive box driver


About 100mm/1500PCS/h;




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