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HC-608E3+ZW wire bending machine(1-25mm2)

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Capabilitiesautomatic cutting, stripping and bending

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This machine mainly for the automotive industry, sensor industry, power industry, electric control cabinet, a battery box line, Military factory,Robotics,Automation, Railways, off shore, Medical, HC-608E2+Z machine can process whole electric wire according to required length,cut off and stripping head,not to hurt the tegument and conductor,high precision, thus greatly improving efficiency. You are assured maximum flexibility and even more efficient way of meeting your wire processing need.

Clockwise and counterclockwise, adjustable bending degree, 30 degrees, 45 degree, 60 degrees, 90 degrees. positive and negative two bending in one line.


Automatically cut strip and bend


Model HC-608E3+ZW
Dimension 650*600*475mm
Weight 90KG

Chinese/English display,

Touch screen

Power 220V/500W
Cutting length


Front end peeling length


Back end peeling length


Stripping range

1-25mm2 BV hard wire bending

(automatic adjustment of the core)

Number of bends

Standard 20 times,

more than 20 times is optional.

Bend length

The skin at the end of long line mode is greater than 55mm;In the short line mode,the end skin is retained for10mm.

Bend way

Clockwise and counterclockwise,adjustable bending degree,30 degrees,45 degrees,60 degrees,90 degrees.positive and negative two bending in one line

Tool material

Import ASSAB17 alloy high speed steel

Conduit diameter


Cutting tolerance

Within 0.002*Lmm

Driving way

Roller feeding,four-wheel drive,

Independent drive box


Long wire mode:700PCS/min;

Short wire mode:850PCS/min


Electric power industry,electric control cabinet,battery box,intelligent electricity meter line


Changzhou Hechang Machinery Co.,Ltd is a high tech professional manufacturer that based on sales innovation and service, we providing all-rounded solutions to wiring harness processing area for the customers from Electrical appliance,automotive,industrial control automation,instrument and apparatus,Medical,Electric control cabinet,lighting and so on.

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