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HC-608K1 double layer jacket cable stripping machine

Short Description:

cutting range:outer diameter max:12mm max 5 inner cores

wire material:multicore sheath wire,multicore electric cable

Packaging Details:

1.Outer package : Standard export wooden package

2.Inner package : Stretch film and carton box

Product Detail

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The machine is designed for a wide variety of special applications or the separation and processing of inside wires in multi-pole cables.Multicore sheath cables.doulble flat sheath wire,we’ve actualized the stable length measurement by performing the wire feeding with belt feed system.

Add the encoder to make the cut length more precise. It can grasp the face of the wire whose surface is unlevel, which is often seen on shield wire .high precision, thus greatly improving efficiency. You are assured maximum flexibility and even more efficient way of meeting your wire processing needs.

Intuitive, flexible and simple touch-screen operation Simple integration of upstream and downstream equipment Broader processing range with a diversity of options and solutions belt feeding systerm avoid damaging cable surface cut strip outer jacket and inner cores on one time



● double sheathed cable

● cutting,stripping the outer sheath and the inner core wire at the same time

● belt feeding wire without leaving any traces

● saving process

● high efficiency


Model HC-608K1
Dimension 1080*670*480mm
Weight 100KG

Chinese/English display,

Touch screen

Power 220V/500W
Cutting length


leaving middle skin more than 100mm

Frond end stripping length

Outer sheath jacket:max150mm

Inner insulation:max30mm

Rear end stripping length

Outer sheath jacket:max100mm

Inner insulation:max30mm

Stripping range

Outer diameter max:12mm

Inner cores:max5

Wire material

Multicore sheathing wire;

Multicore electric cable

Cutting accuracy

Fluctuate range:1mm+cut off length*below 0.2%

Conduit diameter


Driving way

12-wheel drive,

independent drive box driver



Feeding way Belt feeding wire



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