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HC-608KZ full automatic multi-layer rotary cutting and stripping machine

Short Description:

Function: multi-layer  cutting and stripping

Method of stripping:rotary stripping or direct stripping

Product Detail

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● This machine is mainly equipped with function of rotary cutting,can peel multi-layer and cut flat,rotary stripping or direct stripping can be set at will.

● The knife rest has 2 sets of blades can be moved, no need to change,choose any to achieve high efficiency and superior quality!

● The shields can be customized to protect workers.

●transfer wire by the belt ,cable no impression no scratch


Model HC-608KZ
Dimension 910*690*490mm
Weight 95KG

Chinese/English display,

Touch screen

Power 220V/2000W
Cutting length


Stripping length

Front 1-300mm,end 1-180mm

Stripping range

4-25MM2 Automatic adjustment of the core,ifferent specifications of the cable without changing the blade

Cutting accuracy

Fluctuate range:1mm+cut off length*below 0.2%

Peel level

1-8 layers

Wire material

New energy cable,cable,coaxial cable,power line,etc

Cutting depth accuracy


Conduit diameter

6-14mm(conduit of rotaty blade 6-12mm)

Driving way

servo drive


According to the length of the  line and procedures,at least 300-500PCS/h

Cut strip way

Move the knife rest to peel+rotary cutting

Wire feeding way

Belt feed line,cable no impression no scratch


4pcs imported high speed steel;

2pcs tungsten steel


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