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HC-608XZ Rotating cutting stripping machine(up to 240mm2)

Short Description:

Usage:wire stripping machine

Max stripping level:1-8 layer

Cut strip way:rotating cut and strip

Product Detail

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● Rotating cutting function.

● Cut strip multi-layer cable with clean cutting,shielding or braiding layer cutting cleanly.

● Save large time for removing shielding braiding layer by hand.

● The cut parameters can be individually optimized.


Model HC-608XZ
Dimension 1500*1300*700mm
Weight 500KG

Chinese/English display,

Touch screen

Power 220V/2000W
Cutting length


stripping length

Front end:1-200mm;

Rear end:1-130mm

Stripping level

1-8 layers

Stripping range

10-120mm2,automatic regulation,

No need to replace blades

Wire material

New energy cable,

electric cable,coaxial cable,

power cable,etc

Conduit diameter


Incise depth


Driving way

servo drive

Cut strip way

Rotating cut and strip


 Approx 200-350PCS/h(depending on conductor and programming)

Wire feeding way

Belt feed line


2pcs of imported high speed steel,

2pcs tungsten steel


The machine is equipped with an induction open and closed protective cover. The equipment will stop running when the protective cover is opened, so as to better ensure the safety during operation.


Double thick double-action knife rest, easy to peel, strip out the wire skin not to touch the knife, under the waste collection device, easy to clean


The belt pulley feeding line, on the surface of the line without indentation imprint, can better improve the process quality, 28 wheel drive, control system more powerful than ordinary


Rotary cutting device, servo control, can peel multiple layers, rotary cutting,

Different square lines do not need to replace the cutter, the cut is flat



The cylinder control catheter can be replaced with different catheters only by pressing the switch to close, which can be completed in less than 10 seconds.Improve work efficiency and save time


Metal wire wheel straightener, different wire automatically straightening, making the length of wire more accurate


When all the cables run through the inlet port, the equipment will stop running automatically by induction. The rotating porous pipe base can be replaced quickly with different wire diameters.


This is the sample which has been cut and stripped by HC-608XZ.

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