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HC-800 Wire pay-off stand machine Wire feeding system

Short Description:

HC-800 is a automatic wire feeding machine. Applicable to most harness processing  free-standing, electrical pre-feeding machine designed to pull wire and cable from reels weighing up to 1000kg

Special requirements can be customized.

Spool size:  customers provide

Feeding speed: max 350m/min

Jacking method: manual no shaft(aperture coordination, follow change centers set)

Tesion control:use 5kg of magnetic powder clutch,tension can be adjustable according to the wire diameter size

Tesion range: 0-5kg

Rises and falls:Motor rises and falls

Product Detail

Product Tags


◆High precision,Economical & user-friendly

◆Extremely low maintenance

◆easy operation and easy moving 



Technical Data

Model HC-800
Weight 450kg
Power supply 220V
Applicability 6mm2-120mm2 big cable
Max load weight 1000kg
Cable spool Width 320-620mm
Spool inner hole 53-85mm
Max diameter of spool Ø400mm-Ø1000mm
Dimension L2050*W1850*H1560mm


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