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HC-HY Three ends terminal crimping machine

Short Description:

*High degree of automation, and ordinary workers who have passed simple training can operate two fully automatic CNC three-terminal crimping terminals.
*Easy to do adjustment, use standard accessories, low maintenance cost; Use high-end electrical control, develop the program independently, the interface is easy to operate, easy to learn, and easy to operate.
*Cutting length, stripping length, cutter value, half stripping value, terminal crimping encapsulation depth and other parameters are all operated by full digital touch screen, and the design of the electric cutter is adjusted, which improves the production efficiency and is the current market It has the highest degree of automation and highest efficiency in its class.

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Technical Data

Model HC-HY
Name Fully automatic three ends terminal crimping machine
Function Wire cutting, double ends stripping, single end half stripping, single wire one end stripping, single wire double ends crimping, two wires combined crimping, two wires single end crimping, three ends crimping.
Machine size 1450L *800W *1650H(MM)
Weight 480KG
Display Colorful LCD touch screen
Operation way Automatic+Manually
Blade adjustment Electrically          
Blade material High speed steel
Pneumatic parts SMC
Screw guide Taiwan silver guide rail, TBI screw
Cutting length 50~9999mm   
Cutting tolerance <100mm, tolerance 0.3mm+(cutting length×0.002)  >100mm, tolerance 0.5mm +(cutting length×0.002)
Stripping length Front end: 1.00~8.00mm (half stripping length: 2.00~8.0mm)Rear end: 1.00~8.00mm  (half stripping length: 2.00~6.0mm)
Applicable terminal Back feeding terminal, side feeding terminal, flag terminal
Applicable wire AWG14#-AWG30#

Processing capability

Three ends crimping: 3200pcs/h (About #30~#14、cut length 120mm)Two wires combine crimping: 3800pcs/h (About#30~#14、cut length 120mm)

Single wire double ends crimping: 4200pcs/h(About #30~#14、cut length 100mm)

Single wire one end crimping: 4500pcs/h(About #30~#14、cut length 100mm)

Crimping force

Standard 2.0T

Air pressure

5-6kg/cm2(stable, clean, dry air)



Rated power

Detection device Wire presence detection, wire knot detection, crimping terminal detection, air pressure detection

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