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Automatic computer strip machine(10mm²)

This machine is mainly used for auto industy, electricity industry, electric control cabinet , wires in battery holder/cell box/ .

It can strip the whole wires according to the required length and stripping head, thus improving the efficiency.

Wire stripping range:0.2—10mm²

Productivity:50 pcs

Cutting length :0.5mm-99999.99mm;

Conduit Diameter:1-7mm

Model HC-515D
Outer dimensions L670mm*W480mm*H308mm
Weight 35kg
Power supply 220V
Powerconsumption(220V) 500W
Cutting length 0.5mm–99999.99mm
Cutting tolerances ±( 0.1+0.0005×L )mm L : indicates a cutting length.
Stripping length 0.5mm–30mm
Applicable wires Type Electric wires ,AVSS,THHN,VSF, IV, KV, fiber optic UL ,BUR,, BVR, Glass Wire, Battery cable,control cabinet wire,W1, W2, VSF, etc
Size 1-10mm2 multi strands softwire AWG7
1-4mm2 BV hard wire
Intermediate cutting andstripping Intermediate cut at 15
Conduit diameter 1-7mm
Drive supply Stepping puls motor four-wheels drive,independent drive boxdriver
Productivity(pcs/min) 50pcs/minute

Post time: Apr-07-2021