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Chang zhou he chang machinery co.LTD Releases HC-SK Full Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Tinning and Insert Housing Machine to effincient processing wires.

BEIJING,AUG.21,2020/PRNewswire-Asia/—Changzhou hechang machinery Co,Ltd, a leader in wire harness process equipment manufacture,has unveiled HC-SK Full Full Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Tinning and Insert Housing Machine. This machine has realized the functions of cutting wires, stripping wires,twisting wires,tinting,terminal crimping, insert housing, and automatically inserting wires with finished terminals into plastic shells at the same time for continuous automatic processing.The whole process of the machine is controlled by industrial computers, with precise movements, simple operation and stable performance, reducing personnel operation error sand ensuring products tability.It can adjust the peeling of the wire,cut the length,and adjust the operation of twisting, soldering, terminal crimping, and plastic shell on the industrial computer. The technical performance adjustment is convenient and quick, and the operationis simple and easy to learn. The pressure detection device uses a high-sensitivity pressure sensor to detect the pressure deformation when the terminal is crimped, and accurately detects the defective product. The CCT visual detection device can quickly and accurately detect whether the terminal is inserted into the plastic shell, thereby ensuring the performanceand quality of the product.

This machine canprocess 0.25mm2-0.75mm 2PVC、BV、BV Rwire,and the machine can Cutting Stripping Twistting Tinning And Insert Housing of your wires. Production speed up to 600 pcs/h.

Chang zhou he chang machinery co., LTD., founded in 2009, now has work shop and office are of more than 8000 square meters, the invention in atimely manner with 26 new patents,staff 165 people, including the development team 20 people, 7 people in mechanical engineering,software programming, seven people in line with the concept of “based on quality”,continuously provide customers with more quality products and services.Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries,also have being trusted long term supplier of global well known company like Amphenol,Huber+Suhner,Siemens,Schneider,ect.

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Post time: Sep-01-2020