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HC-10+NT Automatic wire crimping and twisting tinning machine(one end crimping and another end twisting&tinning)

This machine can cut strip wire,twist wire, tinning wire and another end crimping terminals on one time.

·The machine adoption imports a component and completes to cut off electric wire, strip, the terminal crimping, twisting wire etcact precise,operation simple, performance sterilization, save manual.

·The whole distance stripping length directly to hold menu panel from the touch setting.The best characteristics is:Technique performance the tune is quick and adjust time short, operation is convenience.



Outer dimensions L700mm*W900mm*H1220mm
Weight 300kg
Power supply AC220V/50HZ


Function Wire cutting and Stripping, one end twisting , one side tinning , another side crimping
Display English / Chinese interface
Cutting length 40mm-450mm( standard type )
Cutting tolerances ±(1mm+ 0.002×L )mm  L : indicates a cutting length.
Stripping length 0.1mm–15mm


Applicable wires

AWG30-AWG18 (standard)

Optional : up to AWG14 ,AWG13



Twisting length 3-15mm  wire size: AWG28-AWG18
Detector Wire existence,wire overload, strip error,terminal existence, crimp error. Bad crimping
Compressed Air  6–6.5kg use clean dry air
Productivity(pcs/h) 4500pcs/h (wire length within 300mm)  5000pcs/h (length 100mm)

Post time: Mar-23-2021