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HC-20 Full automatic double ends terminal crimping machine

The HC-20 is a fully automatic double ends crimping machine. Touch screen operation ,it can cut strip wire up to AWG10. this machine allows high quality crimping and sealing of wires at maximum productivity.

Processing Capabilities



Single end crimping

Both sides crimp

Special Applications (evaluation required)

Model HC-20
Outer dimensions L1580mm*W1280mm*H1200mm
Weight 238kg
Power supply AC220V/50HZ/60HZ Uniphase
Function Electric wire cutting, single end stripping, two ends stripping, single end crimping , double ends crimping
Display English / Chinese interface
Cutting length 40mm–99999.99mm
Cutting tolerances ±( 0.002×L )mm  L : indicates a cutting length.
Stripping length 0.1mm–10mm

Applicable wires



Crimping capacity 2Ton/ 3Ton/4ton
Detecting Devices Wire existence,wire overload, strip error,terminal existence, crimp error. Bad crimping
Compressed Air  6–6.5kg use clean dry air
Productivity(pcs/h) 4000pcs/h
Pressure Monitoring(optional) High-sensitivity pressure sensor detects pressure when crimping, check out the inferior-quality products when pressure changed



Post time: Mar-25-2021