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HC-4606 Coaxial cable stripping machine –Powerful, Strong, and Extremely Precise

Hechang Machinery leading manufacturer of wire processing equipment, has introduced the CoaxStrip 4606 coaxial stripping machine.

This machine can increase 20 percent production output, the first machine of the new coaxial cable stripping generation is powerful, strong and user-friendly.
HC-4606 optimally processes multi-coaxial cables, triaxial cables and cables with especially thin,hard or tough insulation. Motor and bearing are imported from Japan . Machinery accessories well-made, small tolerance, high accuracy, the original manufacturers, stable performance.

The CoaxStrip 4606 offers users several unique and beneficial features including:

High precise processing of micro conductors: It is ensures that the strip lengths are precise and repeatable, regardless of how the user inserts the cable into the machine.

Rotating stripping head with centring compares the outside diameter of the inserted cable to the value stored in the cable program, preventing cable processing errors.

Equipped with library-based programs, intuitive, user-friendly color touch screen and innovative user software, the machine is easy to configure and can reduce training time.

HC-4606 coaxial can optimally handle most cable types through its intelligent programming. Its precision machinery and high-performance electronics are guaranteed to meet the most demanding applications

Post time: Sep-01-2020