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HC-4606 Coaxial cable stripping machine

·Applicable cable type:The coaxial cable, shielding cable.

*Feature: Mainly used for coaxial cable and special uni-pole rad-ix wire transform, choose the most advanced revolution rest, raised accuracy and velocity, adopt the particular axis clamping device and gyration tool angel method, the maximum could strip 9 layers and no need to replace knife blade. Equipped with a freely combinable controller, the cutting wire diameter is displayed digitally

Model HC-4606
Outer dimensions L200mm*W330mm*H530mm
Weight 20kg
Power supply 220V
Power consumption(220V) 380W
Maximum stripping levels 9
Incise depth 0.01mm
Max Stripping length 46mm
Workable Cable size 0.81-6.99mm
Blade 2 pieces  material: imported switzerland tungsten steel
Trapper 2peices  material:imported tungsten steel
Centering slab Automatic self aligning ,motor drive ,the clamping process control
Display English touch-screen
Productivity Approx 700pcs/h (depending on conductor and programming)
Drive supply Dynamo/roll shot silk stem drive ( import from japan)
Working environment 0-50℃ moderate dry,non-shake

Post time: Mar-30-2021