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HC-515H High Precision Automatic computer strip machine

This machine can set the strip length,the front end,the back end and the strip length optionally within the stripping range at high speed stripping mode.it has the function of time delay and volume , with stable performance and low noise, it is a special device for processing the thin and short wires in inland. It can process AWG36 type wires, adopting segmented adjustment for the pressure gap between two wheels, it can be exact to 0.05mm, ensuring  the precision of each processed wire, eliminating the amboss on the wire sheath, making more perfect finished wire harness.

Model HC-515H
Outer dimensions L660mm*W480mm*H308mm
Weight 30kg
Power supply 220V
Power consumption(220V) 260W
Cutting length 0.1mm–99999.99mm
Cutting tolerances ±( 0..002×L )mm  L : indicates a cutting length.
 stripping length 0.1-10mm
Applicable wires  Ultra thin wire AWG24-AWG36
Productivity  (pcs/min) 70pcs/min
Conduit diameter 3-18mm
Drive supply Stepping plus motor/Air cylinder  four-wheels drive,independent drive box driver

Post time: Apr-13-2021