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HC-608E3 Cable Automatic stripping machine.(1-35mm²)

This machine is mainly used in auto industry, sensor industry, electricity industry, electrical cabinet, wires in battery holder, it can cut and strip the whole wire to the required length and required strip head, without harm on the skin and conductor, the idler wheel makes it good to feeding, thus improving the efficiency. The equipment can be customized and updated ,it can be added functions as code –spurting,winding –up,middle strip,twisting; it can strip double round jacket wire with diameter within 8mm by changing the knife rest and wheel feeding.

Model HC-608E3
Dimension L650*W600*H475mm
Weight 90KG
Display English / Chinese interface
Power 220V/260W
Cutting length 1-99999.99mm
Front end stripping length sheath cable wire max 300mm;electric cable wire max 20mm
Front end stripping length(double sheathed wire) Outer wire 25-300mm,inner wire 1-15mm
Rear end stripping length sheath wire cable max 140mmelectric cable wire max 50
Rear end stripping length(double sheathed wire) Outer wire 25-140mm,inner wire 1-15mm
productivity 80pcs/min

Post time: Apr-19-2021