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HC-608E3+ZW Wire Stripping and Bending Machine (1-25mm²)

This machine is mainly used in auto industry, sensor industry, electricity industry,electrical cabinet, wires in battery holder, it can cut, strip,bend the whole wire to the required length and  do no  harm on the skin and conductor, the durable idler wheel makes it good for feeding, thus improving the efficiency. The equipment can be updated ,it can be added functions as code –spurting,winding –up,middle strip

Cutting length 0.5mm-99999.99mm( leave middle skin more than120mm)
Front end stripping length 0.1-100mm
Back end stripping length 0.1-20mm
Wire stripping range 1-25mm²BV hard wires bending, automatic adjustment of the core line.
Bending times Standard ones 20times,can be customized if need more.
Bending way Clockwise and counter-closckwise,adjustable bending degree,the same wire can be bended twice from positive and negative direction.
Driving mode Idler wheel feeding,four wheel drive,independent drive box drive.
Productivity(pcs/h) 1000pcs/m/long wire mode:700pcs, short wire mode:850pcs



Post time: Apr-21-2021