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HC-608KZ full automatic multi-layer rotary cutting and stripping machine

The unique function of this machine is rotary cutting,, it can strip multi-layer ,rotary or direct stripping can be set at random, there are 2sets of knifes can be moved on the knife shelf and there’s no need to change.thus achieving high efficiency and ideal effect

Cutting length 10-100000mm
Front/back end stripping length Front end:1-300mm,back end :1-180mm
Wire stripping range 4-25mm²,auto adjustment for core,there is no need to change knives when strip different kinds of wire.
Strip layers 1-8 layers
Wire type New energy wire,cables, coaxial cable,power-line etc
Conduit diameter 1-14mm
Driving mode Servo drive
Cut and stip mode Moveable knife for cutting and stripping,rotary cutting
Blade 4pcs imported high speed steel, 2 pcs tungsten steel
Productivity(pcs/h) Productivity differs according to the operating procrdure and the operating line.Min at 300-500pcs /h
Feeding mode Belt feeding,no embossing and scratching on the wires.

Post time: Apr-23-2021