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Insulated terminal crimping machine

Achieving top quality in wire processing is often a problem at manual work stations, sets new standards in quality and speed,especially when it comes to verifying and tracing the production parameters. That is why HeChang puts such emphasis on reliability and process control in its robust semi-automatic models. The same technologies are used as in the fully automatic versions to assure top processing quality. The wire crimpers presses for their needs.The crimp force analyzer that comes with the crimper detects good and bad wires reliably and provides a detailed description of errors.
Stripping wire, wire crimping with seal insertion – HeChang wire crimper as an economic alternative.
Model:HC-2BT+L Semi-automatic stripping and twisting machine for cold pressed terminals
Function:stripping ,twisting and crimping action can completed at the same time
Wire stripping range:0.25-2mm square
Wire twisting mode:Rotary twisting
stripping length Of outer coating:the length can reach Max 32mm when machine modified
Stripping length of core wire:Maximum lengh at 20mm


Post time: Sep-01-2020